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 How Life Coaching can help YOU

“Heather was a true source of inspiration and support. I felt safe to make the necessary changes in my life thanks to her guidance and encouragement. She helped me see that a better, more fulfilling life was possible!”


“Before I started coaching with Heather I felt stuck and that life was just passing me by. With Heather’s help and encouragement I became clear on what I desired out of life and I am so much more happier and focused.”


” I was apprehensive about going to see Heather.  I had just lost my father and it hit me really hard, I just couldn’t get past my grief.  Off loading my grief was an emotional experience as I had been keeping it all in but one that was needed in order to move forward.  She taught me that it is OK to feel the way I was feeling and to express my emotions rather than suppress them.  I am so glad I was brave enough to make the initial appointment.”

David M

“I came to Heather with a problem with my weight which I have been struggling with all my life.  It turns out that it wasn’t about my weight at all but a hurt and wounded little girl who went into protection mode.  Heather taught me how to connect with the little me and learn to meet her needs without turning to food.  I can honestly say that the weight just fell off me. I have healed the little girl and that was what was needed NOT ANOTHER DIET.  I will be extremely grateful for this revelation. THANK YOU HEATHER X XX  X”


“Heather you are the most funniest person I have ever meet, what with your CRAZY MONKEY. I came to you with depression and I can say the way you explained it about your TRAIN OF THOUGHTS I am able to catch myself when my thoughts take me down the Negative Nelly route.  Thank you for helping me out of the darkness. “

Denise W


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