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6 Months

Breakthrough & Empowerment Program

       £630 less £101 = £529

90 minute Skype/1-2-1  Mind Detox Session- To breakthrough barriers and limitations or whatever else may be holding you back

10 x 60 minute Skype/phone/1-2-1 sessions

Ongoing support via email

Action Plan

10 x 10 minutes check in calls


3 Months

Breakthrough & Empowerment Program

£410 less £61 = £349

90 minute Skype/1-2-1  Mind Detox Session – To breakthrough barriers and limitations or whatever else may be holding you back

6 x 60 Minute Skype/phone/ 1-2-1 sessions

Includes ongoing email support

Action Plan

3 x 10 minutes check in calls.


 1 month Breakthrough & Empowerment


£250 less £51 = £199

90 min  Skype/1-2-1  Mind Detox Session – to breakthrough barriers and limitations or whatever else may be holding you back

3 x 60 minute skype/phone/1-2-1 sessions

Includes ongoing email support

Action Plan

3 x 10 minutes check in calls.

  Mind Detox £90

90 min  Skype/1-2-1  Mind Detox Session – To breakthrough barriers and limitations or whatever else may be holding you back


Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment, if less than 24hrs notice is given appointments will be charged at full price or taken out of your session.

Do You Feel Stuck – Ready For A Breakthrough?


  • Are you struggling with fear and anxiety?

  • Do you feel held back by self-doubt and insecurity and are unable to make decisions and access your true potential?

  • Are you burdened with anger, depression or guilt?

  • Do you feel trapped by the traumas of your past?

  • Are stress and worry manifesting as procrastination, self-sabotaging or addictive behaviour?

  • Does your emotional and mental pressure cause you to suffer from insomnia, low energy, chronic pain, dis-ordered eating, high blood-pressure, excess weight or auto-immune diseases?

Imagine how it would feel to be able to…

  • Discover, understand and address the deeper root causes of your mental, emotional or physical challenges

  • Release stored emotions from your subconscious mind and cellular memory and find peace with your past

  • Resolve inner struggles and self-sabotaging behaviour and gain a greater sense of wholeness

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind and body to health, balance, confidence and success

  • Acquire effective self-empowering skills, strategies and tools, which allow you to truly transform yourself and your life

This Program can help you to get unstuck and harness your full potential.

This program is to help you to tap into the most potent source of change and healing – your integrated mind, which consist of conscious, subconscious and higher consciousness. This holistic and innovative approach provides practical and self-empowering solutions for some of the most pervasive problems of our times, such as fear, anxiety and depression.

How to release any blocks and limitations and harness your full potential   

You probably know this feeling of being trapped in negative emotions or limiting beliefs. You may be blocked by anxiety, insecurity or depression. You may believe that you are not good enough or not worthy to have things you want the most in life.

Or you may you have felt that the lack of energy or chronic physical issues such as chronic pain, allergies or auto-immune diseases, prevent you from reaching your goals.

You have tried “everything” to change, improve and heal, but somehow there is still something holding you back from reaching your goals. May be you have even started to give up on your dreams to have the life you desire.

Imagine how good it would feel to:

  • Discover and address the deeper root causes of your mental, emotional and physical blocks and limitations

  • Free yourself from subconsciously stored negative emotions and limiting beliefs

  • Erase self-sabotaging patterns and create congruency on all levels

  • Re-program your mind and cellular memory to greater peace, confidence and self-worth

  • Access your true potential to heal, change and thrive

  • Have the skills and tools to be in charge of your thoughts, emotions and actions – and to continuously grow and create more balance, success and well-being in your life.

“The Personal Breakthrough Program will give you the momentum and the tools to get yourself back on track and go beyond any mental and emotional blocks and boundaries.”

This program is to help you get “unstuck” and access your full potential through integrating the power of your mind-body-spirit connection.

Why do we stop using the tools and empowering strategies that can help us to reach our goals and make us feel better? And why is it easier to stay committed to supporting others than ourselves? The word commitment may give you night sweats or cold feet.

Although you understand you need to commit to your health and happiness, you have a hard time subscribing to a specific routine. Life is too busy and your plate is already too full, and you can’t imagine adding one more chore to the have-to-do list.

On a deeper level, your subconscious mind may apply self-sabotaging patterns to prevent you from changing, since change and its unknowns can be scary. Or your subconscious blocks your efforts to protect you from possible failure, true to the motto: “you can’t fail if you don’t try.” All very understandable; however, there is a reason why self-commitment is the key to a growth and success.

Let’s say you work with a contractor, who assures you that the costs will definitely not exceed X amount of pounds, and he’ll easily complete the job in X amount of time. But along the way, your contractor tells you, that due to somehow unforeseeable complications the job will cost more and take longer than estimated. And then maybe one day the workers don’t show up, and the contractor doesn’t return your inquiring phone calls. How quickly would you lose trust and confidence in the person you’ve hired? When you decide to improve yourself, whether it is by going to the gym three times per week or starting to meditate for ten minutes before you go to bed, but then quickly discard your plans and abandon your good intentions, you are creating the same level of disappointment and distrust – just with yourself.

Don’t feel too bad, because most of us have been guilty of letting ourselves down. But we need to realize the damage we cause ourselves by doing so. Every time we go back on our word and break our self-commitment, we lose confidence and faith in ourselves―consciously and subconsciously. Our word holds no power. Since we don’t appear reliable and trustworthy to our subconscious mind, it may reactivate old, self-sabotaging patterns, which consequently make us feel even more stuck and insecure. Now the good news is that the opposite is also true. Consistency and commitment are some of the most potent forces for healing and growth. They signal to your subconscious mind, that you take control of your life and that you are serious about your goals. As your subconscious mind gains trust in your conscious decisions, it gradually shifts from its protection mode, into the wanting-to-please-you mode. In other words, it will provide you with its full support to reach your goals.

Commitment is the bridge to confidence. After all, confidence comes from the Latin word confidere, which means “to trust and have faith in.” And who better to trust and have faith in than ourselves? However, it’s difficult to commit to yourself if you consider it a chore or a sign that there is something wrong with you. However, if you approach your growth, self-improvement and well-being from a place of love and appreciation, you’ll open your heart to yourself more and more and, thus, make commitment the most precious gift you can give to yourself.


It’s time to claim back your power!!

As places are limited I only work with people who are ready to make real changes.

I require 3 things from you;

1.  Courage (open your heart and mind)

2.   Commit wholeheartedly

3.     Focused Action

My aim is to move you out of your comfort zone, however you will need to activate your spirit of determination, because when the going gets tough you have to push through all the mental self imposed barriers.

Do you think you are ready?

Have you had enough of the life you are living yet?

Do you want more and are ready to put the work in?

Are you ready to claim your birthright?


Then give me a call on 07766 740404 FOR YOUR FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION