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Forgiveness Gives You Wings


Please Please Please forgive whoever you need to forgive from your past.  Maybe it’s your parents, people who bullied you, your siblings, your abuser, your work colleague, your ex partner, your current relationship, a friend or whoever else who has hurt you. 


Because it eats away at YOU and damages YOU from the inside out.

According to studies, Doctors have found that there is a huge relationship between forgiveness and health. The fact is after being hurt, angry, suffering loss, real or false guilt, or envy, the blocked love flow profoundly affects the way your body functions, thus your health. This can cause alteration in the pattern of chemicals and electricity in your body. It also disrupts the harmony of the brain waves, making you less able to think clearly and to make good decisions.

Stress of not having a Forgiving Spirit

Unforgiveness distresses your muscular-skeletal system by increasing forehead muscle tension, thereby producing headaches, and by also producing other symptoms: stomach aches, muscle tension, joint pain/aches, dizziness and tiredness. For example, your muscles may tighten, causing imbalances or pain in your neck, back and limbs. There is decreased blood flow to the joint surfaces. This makes it more difficult for the blood to remove wastes from the tissues. It reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This increases chances of delayed or inadequate repair during sleep, impairing recovery from injury, arthritis, etc. It can cause your teeth to clench at night contributing to problems with your teeth and jaw joints. Injury through inattention, accident, or violence is more likely. The peptide and hormonal chemical “messengers”are altered in every system of the body. The blood flow to your heart is constricted. Your digestion is impaired.
It can set the scene for them, and it can delay or even prevent your recovery. The effects when you are unforgiving to yourself can include depression; low self-esteem; depriving yourself of the good opportunities that life offers you; punishing yourself through activities or relationships that work out to harm yourself; addictions and so on. The alternative to forgiveness is bitterness and resentment. People who refuse to forgive hurt themselves. Bitter people are no fun to be around. They can’t sleep. Ulcers line their stomach. They see the negative in every situation because their life is filled with these feelings of resentment and anger. People who are unwilling to forgive may feel they are punishing the other person but the only person paying the price is themselves.

Is this the way you want to live the rest of your life, damaging yourself because you can’t forgive?

While forgiving others can help I have found from my clients and myself that the hardest person to forgive is yourself.  YES THAT’S RIGHT, FORGIVING YOU! Unforgiveness causes all types of personal torment on earth spiritual, mental, emotional and physical so if you find yourself in pain or sick right NOW I highly recommend that you sign up for my

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It’s time to let it go, there is power and healing in forgiveness and you need to release the people who have hurt you, including yourself.

Most people, describe after having a mind detox that a huge burden has been lifted from their shoulders and they think clearly and feel lighter and brighter.  They also experience a change in their feelings, behaviours and thoughts.

Just give me a call on 07766 740404, and remember that everything is totally confidential. You owe this to yourself to SET YOURSELF FREE.