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F.reedom R.ound E.motional E.ating

Emotional eating means that you eat to satisfy emotional hunger, it means you use food for comfort or as a way to cope with life and it means that you eat for reasons other that what the body needs.  When people eat at these times they are eating to satisfy, numb or avoid emotions.  People who are suffering from emotional eating patterns are driven to eat so they won’t have to deal or face whats bothering them internally. 


The real cause of over-eating is in your mind not your stomach you are using food as a SHORT TERM emotional fix and it has become a HABIT. Something you have learned to do.  But the good news is YOU CAN UNLEARN IT. 

You have built food into your Brains Pleasure Centre as the favourite shortcut to feeling better and created image’s in your mind that eating makes you feel temporary OK.

Food could be your way of making you feel SAFE 

It could be a form of rebellion and independence

It could be protection from sexual impulses from others

It could be an expression of your frustration, anger or loneliness

Food also feeds your self doubt or emptiness

Food is no longer just food but it has become an all purpose medication

The TRUTH is you have to overeat because you don’t know any other way to make yourself feel better.  To change that you will have to undo the patterns you learned in the past that led you into the TRAP of using food as a SHORT TERM FIX.  This is not easy to do on your own BUT LIKE ALL BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS THESE CAN BE CHANGED.  YOU WERE NOT BORN WITH THEM YOU ACQUIRED IT. 


Below are five techniques I use with my clients to help them break their emotional eating:

1. Recognize it is a conditioned response.

It’s a habit (addiction). You’ve created a neural pathway in the brain, which tells you to eat when stressed/bored/tired/frustrated/lonely/empty/disconnected. To break this, you don’t even need to understand what the emotional trigger is. You simply need to do something different from the day before (see point 2). Then repeat it.

2. Find a replacement habit.

Choose a self-care habit which makes you feel happy. Take a bath, light some candles, pray, dance, sing, knit, clean out your wardrobe, do 5 start jumps or start a blog. Select one and repeat it for 21 days to create a new habit.

3. Identify the Reward.

You’re getting a reward from emotional eating, even if you don’t think you are. Perhaps it’s a momentary feeling of bliss, a discharge of emotions, a feeling of rebellion, or it distracts you from life. Whatever it is, write it down and contemplate how valuable it is to you.

4. Visualize your life free from emotional eating.

Close your eyes and visualise your dream life. Where are you? What makes it dreamlike? How do you feel? What’s the expression on your face? Melt into this feeling and enjoy it. Capture this image and then compare it to the image when you are feeling down, and your emotional eating kicks in. Which one feels nicer? When your dream life feels nicer than the reward, you can break your emotional eating.

5. Do some emotional digging.

When you’re ready, start delving into these emotions. What feelings are you suppressing? What memories pop into your head that you dismiss? These are the ones you want to release and with my help you can. You see food is not actually your problem, it is actually your painful memories that are the cause of your self destructive behaviour.  Really who chooses to destroy themselves with food? You may not even be aware of these memories as they are located deep down within your subconscious mind, but if you are experiencing strong negative emotions like fear, terror, depression, anger, guilt and so on chances are there is unresolved issues in your Soul Realm (mind, will, emotions) which needs to be healed.

If you feel brave and courageous and are ready to let go of the pain from your past then sign up to my 21 day BREAK F.R.E.E (Freedom Round Emotional Eating) PROGRAMME. I will be motivating and guiding you every step of the way on your journey to FREEDOM. I believe that two are better than one and when you realize that you’re not alone and that you can overcome this, you will go from strength to strength. I don’t care how many years you have been doing this, I don’t care how many times you have failed in the past, because I will teach you how to BREAK FREE, easy and effortlessly. Once you let go of your painful memories your problems with food will dissolve.  You see I BELIEVE in the mind body connection and it is actually the mind that is causing this emotional problem. For this reason the BREAK FREE programme has been created to help your mind heal.


What the Programme entails:

1. 21 days of videos lasting between 6-10 mins long each day

2. Break Free workbook with exercises to complete each day (you do not go onto the next day until you have completed the exercise for that day)

P.S This programme has nothing to do with food, there is no eating or diet plan involved.  This programme is about helping you discover the root cause to your emotional eating so that it can be resolved and eliminated once and for all.

I do however highly recommend drinking your “Crazy Monkey Green Juices” while completing your BREAKFREE PROGRAMME to clean the toxicity out of your body, so that you can become ENERGIZED, HEALTHY, HAPPY AND EMPOWEREDYou can purchase your recipes under products or receive your recipes free with the JUICING DEMO VIDEO’S

Just go to Products and click on the BREAK FREE PROGRAMME


Or alternatively you can call me on  07766 740404 to arrange a one to one mind detox session


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