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Do thoughts of food consume you?
Is it the focus of every waking moment?
Do you want to live life free of weight and body image issues?

Do you want to break free from this negative cycle of dieting and emotional eating once and for all?

Do you want to start enjoying your life, without feelings of guilt, shame and secrecy?

Don’t give up on that goal. Your food issues are an addiction.
And all addictions can be beaten.

Join me, and I will show you how to beat this once and for all.




Your food issues are entirely the result of unconscious patterns. Patterns that your brain has developed over many years to help you cope with some other part of your life – usually a part that has absolutely nothing to do with food.

So when you read that inspirational self-help book, resolved to stop, then fell back into the same old habits within a few days or a week, that was why. And when you committed yourself to that proven diet, but fell off the wagon after only a couple of weeks, that was why.

But you still blamed yourself, didn’t you? You felt guilty, frustrated and hopeless? You still do. You feel you’re not good enough, not strong enough. It’s an ugly, lonely spiral.

In fact, you’ve probably started thinking it’s no longer worth trying. Nothing will ever change. You’re not worth investing in. Right? Again, wrong.


The only real way to experience lasting change is to understand what your food problems are helping you cope with.

That sounds counter-intuitive, given how debilitating it can be, but it’s true. You need to identify the unconscious patterns driving it. The automatic programs running in the background of everything you do, think and feel.

Understand that disordered eating behaviours are like weeds. If you just cut them off from the top, given the right circumstances, they can grow right back. But if you dig deep and eradicate the roots, you can eliminate them altogether…

I know you have made repeated attempts to try and beat your addiction but haven’t been able to succeed, I know your self esteem is low, I know you have a defeated/failure mindset, I know that you have probably given up hope, I know that you may even feel that you are worthless, stupid, fat and ugly.  I know that you keep searching for the new diet which will help you only a new diet is not what you need.

For people with a food addiction, food often starts as a reward(eat and then feel good) and then switches to food being used to avoid a bad feeling (eat so you won’t feel bad).  That’s when it tends to get “stuck” as something that feels like an addiction. If you find yourself labelling food as good and bad you need to STOP this now, because what you are saying is that YOU are good every time you eat healthy and bad every time you eat unhealthy.  Psychologically this is not a good message you are sending to your brain.  Food addiction in my opinion is one of the hardest addictions to beat, because we have to eat.  When talking about other addictions such as alcohol and smoking the person can learn to stay away from these substances, but with food it is harder.  For people with food addictions they can also set very strict rules upon themselves and can even be in bondage to healthy foods.

However help is here, you no longer have to feel ashamed, embarrassed or fearful.  I am able to help my clients BREAK FREE from this addictive cycle.

How food addiction works:

Craving, Dopamine and the Cycle of Addictive Behaviour 

  • Addiction works through repeating cycles, both in mind and brain

  • Craving relies on dopamine

  • To overcome cravings, you need to develop self-trust

 Addictive behaviour is another way of saying “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH”.  When you’re caught in this type of behaviour you’re trying to run away from yourself.  You don’t want to be in touch with your feelings.  Something you’re believing, remembering, saying or doing is too painful for you to look at, so you over eat or obsess about food. My method of coaching is to help you locate unresolved memories from your past which is fueling your addiction.  Believe it or not food is not actually your problem, it is just a way of distracting you from what is going on in your subconscious mind that is unresolved. Until we get to the “root cause” address it and help your mind change the perception of the event you will never experience your freedom. PERCEPTION IS THE KEY, we can’t change the past, but we can help your mind change your perception.  It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, what your measurements are, what you eat, until your memories are healed only then will you BE SET FREE. You will also need to build up a relationship of TRUST with yourself. My experience with addictions has shown me that self-hatred is very deeply rooted in the individual.  They’re very unforgiving of themselves.  Day after day they punish themselves.  WHY? Because somewhere along the line (most likely when they were children) they bought into the idea that they weren’t good enough- they were “bad” and in need of punishment. Honesty, forgiveness, self love and a willingness to live in the “TRUTH”  can help heal these early wounds and give addictive individuals a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD from their behaviour.   All addictions are rooted in fear and there is a great fear of letting go and trusting in the process of life.

But the point of power is always in the present moment and you can begin to make a shift today.

My BREAK FREE ONLINE PROGRAMME  has been designed to help you successfully overcome your food addiction.

What the Programme entails:

1. 21 days of videos lasting between 6-10 mins long each day

2. Break Free workbook with exercises to complete each day (you do not go onto the next day until you have completed the exercise for that day)

P.S This programme has nothing to do with food, there is no eating or diet plan involved.  This programme is about helping you discover the root cause to your food addiction so that it can be resolved and eliminated once and for all.

I do however highly recommend drinking your “Crazy Monkey Green Juices” while completing your BREAKFREE PROGRAMME to clean the toxicity out of your body, so that you can become ENERGIZED, HEALTHY, HAPPY AND EMPOWERED.  You can purchase your recipes under products or receive your recipes free with the JUICING DEMO VIDEO’S

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Or alternatively you can call me on  07766 740404 to arrange a one to one mind detox session


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