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LOVE Yourself Back to Health  “Stop Dieting Start Living”

Have you not had enough of dieting yet?

Would you love to do something different?

Would you love to be free from all this worry around food?

Would you love to make peace with food and your mind?

Would you love to learn how to overcome your food/sugar cravings easily and effortlessly

Would you love to break free from emotional eating and learn new ways to deal with your negative emotions?

Would you LOVE to be free from the diet trap once and for all?

Would you love to stop feeling a FAILURE because you can’t stick to a diet?

Would you love the help and empowerment of a group?

Then call me on 07766 740404 for more details or to register your place in my up and coming class, there will be no weigh in’s or measuring just a new approach that doesn’t involve the focus of food.

Available Now

21 Day Break Free Programme (Freedom Round Emotional Eating)

21 Day Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

Juicing Demonstration online video Learn how the power of Juicing can transform your health


"Heather was a true source of inspiration and support. I felt safe to make the necessary changes in my life thanks to her guidance and encouragement. She helped me see that a better, more fulfilling life was possible!"


"Before I started coaching with Heather I felt stuck and that life was just passing me by. With Heather's help and encouragement I became clear on what I desired out of life and I am so much more happier and focused."


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