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Crazy Monkey Go Green Juice Binge


Product Description


Do you eat for emotional reasons?

Are you addicted to sugar?

Have you had enough of your food battle yet?

Would you like to discover the reasons why you have issues with food?

Would you like to discover how food addiction works?

Would you love to end your food battle and find freedom?

Then this Ebook is for you.

It will take you step by step over the 13 chapters on your journey to freedom


Chapter 1 – Understanding why you have food issues

Chapter 2 – Power of Forgiveness

Chapter 3 – Wipe the Slate Clean

Chapter 4 – How Food Addiction Works

Chapter 5 – Discovering Your Freedom

Chapter 6 – Intuitive Eating

Chapter 7- Love Yourself Healthy and Happy

Chapter 8 – Who Am I?

Chapter 9- Ask a Better Question

Chapter 10 – Mirror Mirror

Chapter 11- Bringing Balance to your Life

Chapter 12- On A Mission

Chapter 13 – Raise Your Frequency

So if you are struggling right now then this ebook will help you.  You will also receive your “Go Green” Juice Binge eBook  packed with recipes. motivation and inspiration.  These juicing recipes have been carefully selected to help alkalize your body and clean up Candida that most likely is causing your sugar cravings.

Get both for £34.99 just click on the drop down menu below. OR for £59.99 you can download the 21 day online BREAKFREE programme which includes your workbook and 21 days worth of videos and you “Go Green” Juice Binge Ebook 


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