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About Heather

Hi my name is Heather Agnew and I am a qualified Life Coach,  Natural Juice Therapist, and Pilates Instructor and I have a heart to see people break free from whatever is holding them back, so that they can enjoy life again.  You were meant to have an amazing life, you were not born to battle, struggle or suffer. What I have found (from my own life’s experience & with coaching clients) that normally cause people great distress and anxiety is what they are BELIEVING  about themselves, these false beliefs (lies) have been created from childhood and over the years. Just like a computer getting a virus, so too can the human brain when it is running with these false beliefs.  Just think of me as a virus software programmer who helps clear the garbage from your mind and heart. I can challenge these false beliefs and remove them easily and effortlessly.  It hurts me to see so many lovely people not believing in their abilities or seeing themselves in a positive light (because I was one of them).  My aim is to help YOU become your own best friend and learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally (not when you have lost weight, or overcame your illness) but NOW, TODAY.   No amount of outer performance, achievements, looks, fitness ability or financial status substitutes for inner worth.  Until you can see yourself as a valuable person who deserves amazing things you will never reach your potential.

I can help anyone breakthrough their perceived limitations, false beliefs, fears, worries, doubts, pain from the past in as little as one session.  My style of coaching is fast and I guarantee that you will notice a massive difference instantly.



My aim is to help you


Because by doing so it will:

1. Improve your value by changing your perception of yourself and your life

2. Help you let go of your past

3. Heal your body, heart and mind

4. Breakthrough whatever is holding you back

5. Discover your passion and purpose

6. Change your ATTITUDE 

7. But most importantly you will learn to love & accept yourself unconditionally

By doing this you will Claim Back Your Power and learn how to turn your challenges into opportunities.

It really is all about having a better relationship with your MIND, learning to let go of the negative self talk and criticizing voice that is always beating you up and becoming YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. You don’t need to go to jail as you can become a prisoner in your own mind.

All the negativity in your life right now is simply a matter of YOU not loving yourself unconditionally.  Please start today and love yourself warts and all.  LIFE’S TOO PRECIOUS TO SPEND ANOTHER MINUTE AT WAR WITH YOURSELF. You deserve to be HAPPY, YOU DESERVE PEACE OF MIND, YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY. You see, when you suffer from low self esteem all to often you have false beliefs that you are “not good enough” or “worthy enough” and these will BLOCK your health and happiness, instead you may even find yourself sabotaging yourself and if this is the case that’s OK, I can help.

My work is less about teaching you what to eat, it is about coaching you towards a change in your mind and your beliefs;


Because What You Believe is What You Achieve. 

My question’s to you today are;

Are you living a happy fulfilled life or just existing? 

Do you love yourself and treat yourself with kindness and respect everyday?

Do you have inner peace?


Let’s take a look at how the mind works and see what level of consciousness you find yourself consistently on?


Level 1 Consciousness    Level 2 Consciousness
Higher Self   (Victory) Lower Self   (Defeat)
Love   Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
Gratitude Overwhelmed
Empowered Disappointment/Disempowered/Unbelief
Freedom (TRUTH) Doubt
Joy Worry
Passion Blame
Happiness Discouragement
Positive Expectation/Belief Anger/Rage
Optimism/Trust Revenge
Hopefulness/Peace Hatred
Contentment Jealousy/Resentment
Powerful Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
Fun Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Stuck
Abundance Unforgiveness
Confidence Pessimism/Greed/Lack
Strength Boredom
Motivated Shame
Acceptance  Rejection/Self-Rejection/Self Loathing
Courageous  Powerlessness
Beating yourself up 

Please don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed if you find yourself consistently on LEVEL 2.  I am here to bring you HOPE that change can happen in a heartbeat and you can have a Paradigm  Shift  and literally change your thinking from level 2 to level 1 instantly. LIGHT BULB MOMENT, ATTITUDE CHANGE, MIND CHANGED, BRAIN SWITCHED ON,  DIVINE GOD APPOINTMENT  = BREAKTHROUGH TO HAPPINESS.

All you need to do is DETOX your Heart & Mind

with my help of course available with a one-2-one or any of my two online programmes


Did you know that your unconsciousness mind is 30,000 times more powerful that your consciousness mind?


So you must become the MASTER over your LOWER SELF ( your wounded inner child)


Now if your lower self has created an illness you will  need to stop “trying” to fix it or get rid of it.  The illness has to be ACCEPTED first. Then you must face your lower self with courage, compassion and humility and discover the “root cause”.  You must learn to LOVE and ACCEPT every part of you with all your flaws and failings.  Ask your illness WHAT ARE YOU HERE TO TEACH ME? Embrace it, love it, stop pushing it away, because what you resist persists.


The mind is a powerful force, it can enslave us or empower us.  It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy.  YOU MUST LEARN TO USE THE POWER WISELY.


You see your problems are not really your problem it is your habit of thinking that is the PROBLEM.



Available Now: Change Your Thinking, Change you Life Online Programme to help you break free from all the negativity in your mind.


Why Zest for Life NI was created?

All my life my CRAZY MONKEY (thoughts) was “trapped on level 2 consciousness” which caused me a great deal of pain, suffering and disease, but there was something inside of me that wanted things to be better, I wanted more so I kept searching and what I discovered is all the things I am teaching you in this website. I promised myself that when I got my BREAKTHROUGH’S  I would help others. So what was the cause of all my pain and suffering?  Suppressing painful memories, negative emotions, running with a false belief system, but mainly because I didn’t LOVE OR ACCEPT MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. My journey to FREEDOM (discovering the TRUTH) was all about learning to FORGIVE, LET GO and TRUST, which is the point of SURRENDER.   I am so passionate about what I do because I know that it works, and I want to help others.  I know that people are putting on a brave face on the outside when secretly they are crumbling on the inside.

You see we are all dependent on something or someone, my question is what or who do you depend on, and how’s it working for you?

Zest for Life NI is all about helping you understand why things are happening to you the way they are, and acknowledge that it’s ok to not be ok. To hold your hands up, take off the mask and say you know what “I’m not happy on the inside”. I am struggling with these negative thoughts (aka YOUR CRAZY MONKEY), with depression, with poor health, an addiction, with an unhappy relationship, with a job I hate or whatever else it may be.   Then with my help and guidance I will help you let go of the things which are holding you back and are no longer serving you any purpose.  This will then pave the way to greater clarity on what you want to create in your life.   Zest for Life means to give SPIRIT to, it is a positive trait reflecting a person’s approach to life with anticipation, energy, enthusiasm and excitement.  Zest performs wholeheartedly and is one of the 24 strengths possessed by humanity.  It is about approaching life as an adventure, one where you have “motivation in challenging situations or tasks”. Sound Good? Then just give me a call or subscribe to my newsletter, facebook and blog for inspiration and motivation.

My aim was to motivate and inspire people to make positive changes to their life, so I created  affordable online coaching programmes to provide encouragement, support and empowerment.  I wanted to make sure that people could make changes in the comfort of their own home while on a budget. Also with my bubbly personality I thought it would be perfect to make the negative/ serious things fun and as light-hearted as possible so that you can start to enjoy your life again and not be bogged down with the heavy stuff.

Please note that with all my clients I coach it is totally confidential (unless you have killed someone then I would really have to call the police lol).  There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, we all have a past and we all have made mistakes, it’s all about helping the mind to let go of them (aka your crazy monkey).

I really want to see you make peace with your past, make peace with food (or any addiction you may have) and make peace with yourself so that you can move forward. It is about becoming ALIGNED with your TRUE SELF.

Your life is so much more than just food and exercise. It’s your thoughts (aka Crazy Monkey), how you feel about your body, how you express yourself, your style, your environment, and ultimately how you talk to yourself. It’s whether or not the job you do makes you happy, your stress levels, quality of sleep, your relationships and your finances. Yes, food and exercise are really important, but to me, happiness and health is a mixture of all of those things. No amount of nutrition or marathon running is going to make you truly healthy and happy if you are missing a big piece of the picture somewhere else.

I have a belief that out of something bad, something amazing happens and I’m a woman so I’m always right lol.  So just take this as a sign that no matter how bad things are right now something amazing is going to come out of this. 

Bringing you H.O.P.E (Hold On Pain Ends)

Sometimes the struggle is what makes success even sweeter  (LOVE THIS)


So when you are ready to face your problem’s head on and stop running from them together we will find every possible way to BREAKTHROUGH them.



Just give me a call on 07766 740404


"Heather was a true source of inspiration and support. I felt safe to make the necessary changes in my life thanks to her guidance and encouragement. She helped me see that a better, more fulfilling life was possible!"


"Before I started coaching with Heather I felt stuck and that life was just passing me by. With Heather's help and encouragement I became clear on what I desired out of life and I am so much more happier and focused."


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